Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Conair True Glow Review

     Hello, gorgeous! I picked up a fabulous new gem a few days ago; the Conair True Glow. I'm sure you have heard of the Clarisonic, right? In case you haven't the Clarisonic is the leading brand for electronic skin cleansing systems...and yes, it'll take a chunk out of your wallet. I've heard fantastic reviews about the Clarisonic but I didn't want to dish out $240 on the system and brush heads. What about other brands of cleansing systems? Well I hadn't put much thought into it until I saw the Conair True Glow on clearance while I was shopping. Regular price is $99 and I got it for $29.99 (what a steal). I just had to give it a try.

     The system comes in a beautiful pastel pink color, which I happen to love. There are three speed settings (low, medium, and high).

     To add to the package you get one facial brush head and one brush head for body cleansing (don't worry, it's waterproof, duh). You also don't need to worry about batteries since all you need to do to recharge it is set it in the charging stand. 

     I've been using the True Glow for a couple days now and my skin already looks significantly better! My skin feels more refreshed after cleansing, acne breakouts have cleared up, and my skin feels much smoother. The gentle vibration of the brush head feels fantastic on my skin, too. Would I pay the full $99 for this? Definitely! 

Daily tidbits:

  • Anyone want some snow? I have plenty... 

  • I went to the store today and there were some jewelry boxes on clearance. $50 regular price and $5 was the new clearance price. I bought one of each for myself and a third one to give away. The little old lady at the register was talking about how pretty they were and how she wished she had the extra money for one. So after I left the store I decided to go back inside and buy one for her. When I went up to her I said, "I hope you'll accept this as a gift" She was so happy and even gave me a hug, aw. :)


  1. I just got this Conaire true glow for a good price too... I've only used it a couple times but I do seem to like it.... Are you still using yours ? Has it help improved your skin over time?

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  4. I am trying mine out tomorrow. Hoping it isnt too harsh on my freckled skin.

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